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Thunder roared. In the distance, you smell a faint whiff of smoke. The lightning that came before the thunder must have hit a tree. You shiver. Something doesn’t feel right, something strange, no, different, is in the air. Fear grips your soul. You begin to run, faster and faster, down the dark ally way. You realise something is chasing you. You turn a corner, and scream.

Before you stands a monster, blood dripping from talon-like hands and the fangs protruding from its mouth. All of a sudden, a woman with long, fiery, red hair, rounds the corner behind you. She’s tall, or at least gave off the image of being tall. She walks towards you. She holds out her hand "Take my hand," she says, loud and encouraging.

You realise that you have a choice, to stay and be killed by the monster, or trust this woman. You step in her direction, afraid, but reassured all the same. You grasp her hand, knowing this was the only option, and all of a sudden, the ally way and the monster is gone. Mist surrounds you. The fiery red head says:

"Welcome to Missy & Co. Original Fics.

I am Missy, and I will guide you through the stories written by myself and my powerful friends. Which story would you like to view next"


What's New?

28/8/05- it's been a long time since an update, but a new chapter has been added to "Silent hill:Raye" thx to me. YAY!
11/8/05- A One Shot has been submitted "Don't Go Away" thax to Dani
06/8/05- Next Chapter for "Skye~Scraper" by LiBi!
01/08/05- YAY, new chapter up from me- "Silent Hill: Raye" enjoy
29/07/05- MY FIRST STORY IS UP! YAY= "Silent Hill:Raye"  Chapter 1/2 has been changed a little in "Skye~Scraper" (by LiBi) PLUS a chapter has been added to it as well =)
23/07/05- WOW! another story has been added! Thx to "Christine" by Dani!
22/07/05- "Skye~Scraper" has been added thx to LiBi!! Enjoy
09/07/05- Just been published! Pretty soon, there will be fics being added!!


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