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By LiBi

Chapter 1

Skye slammed her firsts down on the desk and laughed like she did every morning, looking out through the bars running around her cell. Peering out to where the world couldn’t harm her, she spied Dirk and Nolee walking around her cage cautiously holding little Delancy’s hand.

Nolee and Dirk were her counselors and they took Delancy into this hell along with Skye. Poor Delancy with her pale skin and black hair looked as much like the criminal as Skye was named last year.

How the heck does killing a few people make you ‘mentally challenged’ thought Skye.

Just because I didn’t act humanly nor think that killing my friends could harm them doesn’t mean I’m twisted and delusional.

“To hell with this!” she screamed and repeatedly banged her hands on the metal bars. “To hell with you all!!” She sat down and stared at Anthony like he was staring at her.

“TAT COME HERE!” she yelled. Anthony slowly moved around in his identical caged room so that he was gripping the bars connecting their 2 chambers. Twisting his 3 nose rings he called back thoughtfully,

“Look woman, just ‘cos y’all are insane don’t mean y’all can be demanding!” and to end the conversation he jumped on his bed to count the peircings that coated his frail, skinny body for the 4th time that morning.

Chapter 2

From the beginning of Skye’s life, her parents despised her. She was too different. She was speaking French fluently at 5 year old, though she was raised in Australia, as she had already perfected the English language, along with German, Spanish and a little Greek. Often she would lock herself into her bedroom and as she smashed her belongings with her father’s tools she would count and would not stop until she reached the closest number to infinity she thought of at the time.

As the years past by her parents gave up their feeble tried to turn her mind and soul pink, fluffy and boy obsessed like her classmates. She thought they were daft and tried to change them. Although Skye never changed herself and if you looked at her baby photos you could not tell that she had aged even a single day. She was so innocent looking a halo seemed to radiate round her head even when she was thinking dark thoughts no one suspected her.

When she was 10 she stopped talking altogether and her parents were fed up. They managed to get her into a straight jacket threatening her with a gun or 2 and proceeding to chain and lock her up before dumping her in a river.

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