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By Dani

Chapter One: The Record Deal
“Hey, Meg, I didn’t think you would come!”
“Why would you say that? I’m your best friend, Christine; I wouldn’t miss seeing you busking for the
world!” Meg replied.

“I know, I know, but I thought since it was getting late that u might have decided to spend the afternoon with Jeremy.” Christine laughed

“Hey, don’t laugh at me! Just because I think I’m in love, doesn’t mean you can rub it in!”

“Whatever! Look, I have to get back to singing so can you stop distracting me please?” Meg stepped away from Christine to let her perform.
As Meg listened to Christine’s version of Delta Goodrem’s “Innocent Eyes”, she realised that her best friend really was a great singer. Most of the crowd she was attracting must have thought so too.
One man in particular had caught Meg’s attention. He looked really sharp, in a dark grey suit, with a white shirt underneath. His face was welcoming but stern, and you could see the start of a few wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes and mouth. His hair was the only think that disrupted his look, as it was sticking up in every which way. It was a dark mahogany colour, the same as his eye brows. He was watching Christine with great interest. After Christine had sung a few more songs, she was finished for the day. The man in the suit approached Christine a little ahead of Meg.

“Hello,” the man said to Christine, who was at the time bending over to get her water bottle. She jumped and jerked up to face the man.

“Hi,” she said tentatively, unsure of the man.

“My name is Tom Steel, I work for Sony” the man said, holding his hand out for Christine to shake. She grasped his hand for a few seconds then let go. “Hi, my name is Christine.”

“Yes, I already knew that,” Tom said. “I have been coming to see you busk for quite some time now, and I have shown a recording of one of your performances to my superior. Sony would like to offer you a record deal to produce an album, as long as you can write your own songs.”

“Really? Oh my goodness that is amazing! Of course I can write my own songs!” Christine exclaimed. “Am I dreaming? Hey, Meg, come over here!” Christine gestured for her to come stand next to her. Meg walked over to her.

“Hey what’s up, Christine?”

“Did you just hear what this man just told me?”

“Yes, I did Christine and I think it’s wonderful. What did he say his name was again?”

“Err, was it Mr Steel?” Christine had always been bad at remembering names.

“Yes, but you can call me Tom.”

“Wow, this is so amazing, Meg! I can’t believe it!”
“Christine, this is my business card, please take it and discuss this with your parents. I don’t know how old you are exactly, but I don’t think that you would be older that eighteen, so you will need parental permission.”

“Oh, yes of course, I’m only sixteen.”

“Well, when you and your parents have reached a discission, please call me and I will give you all the details you need. Or if your parents do have any questions before they make up their minds, let them know that they are free to call me.”

“Of course!”

“I best be going now, need to attend to other jobs before I can go home today, unfortunately. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

“Ok, well bye.” Christine watched him walking away.
“Hello? Earth to Christine, Earth to Christine? Are you there? Come in Christine?” Meg was trying to get Christine’s attention, and waving her hand in front of her face.

“Huh? Oh, what is it?” Christine stuttered.
“I just wanted you to know that your Mum is coming this way.”

“Oh really? I can tell her the good news!” Christine exclaimed. “Mum, Mum! Guess what?” Her Mum had just arrived at her side.

“What dearie?” said her Mum.

“When I finished busking this afternoon, a man from Sony came over and offered me a record deal! This is his card and he said to call him once I have discussed it with you!” She passed the card over to her Mum. Her Mum frowned. “Come on, we’ll discuss this at home. Meg, dear, do you want a lift home?”

“No thanks, Mrs Lamake, my Dad is picking me up in about ten minutes.”

“Oh, ok then, Meg, will you be right to wait for him then? We really have to get going…”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, but thanks anyway.”

“Ok, well come on Christine, let’s get going.” Christine picked up her bag and walked to the car park with her mum.

*Next Chapter Coming soon...

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