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Silent Hill: Raye
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By Missy

Chapter 2~

We’re lost. I can tell. We’ve been going all over the place. I swear we’re going in circles. Here’s what happened…


We were at the entrance of the gate, it was very tall and covered with wood, so we couldn’t look over it. Cahnen, my stupid annoying hell-devil cousin, tucked the letter that was forbidden for me to see, in his front pocket. He knew I wouldn’t go in there; I’d rather eat pig testicles! Which is actually edible, because I saw it on this show ones. It was rather sick to see.


“Are we going or what?” I asked looking up at him annoyingly.


He glared at me then and said, “Shut up.”


Well… that was intelligent. He opened the gate slowly. An annoying screech came from it. As it was open, cold wind blew, which was weird considering that it’s a hot, steamy day.


I walked past Cahnen to look inside. All I saw was this huge dark forest. A pathway led into it. Well, it was obvious where we had to go. It got colder as we, Cahnen and I, walked in. The trees covered the sun.


It felt like hours walking on the pathway. It didn’t go straight; instead it went in curves and turns, like a snake. It was weird because one minute we were walking on a flat path, the next minute we were walking downwards. So I guess we are on a hill or something.


The deeper we went, the colder and foggier it was. I couldn’t really see what was in front of us. So it was safe to say that we had to stick to the path, other wise, we’d be more lost than what we are now.


Cahnen was a little in front of me. I don’t know if he wanted to show that he knew where he was going or protecting me of what could be in front of us. I’m starting to believe that maybe he’s watching out for me…


“You’re so slow, stupid! Hurry up!”


…. Or maybe not.


I quickly hurried up to his stupid stride. There’s the problem right there! He had stupid long legs! It’s not my fault I’m of normal leg height.


We’ve been walking so much! When will this end? It has been a long while since we entered this forest of eternal paths. I swear we’re lost or something. Of course, Cahnen wouldn’t admit THAT.


Oh my god! It’s finished!! The path led us to another gate. This time it was metal bars. I looked up at the sky. It was unbelievable, there was no sun! It was cold, cloudy and foggy. What the hell is going on?  Can the weather actually do that?


I followed Cahnen inside.


A cemetery. Graves and stones were everywhere. Not that I could see that far, considering that there’s fog everywhere.


“Where are we?” I asked turning to Cahnen.


He wasn’t paying attention though. He was looking at something at the distance. I looked to where his idiotic brain would want to see.


Something white was crouching in front of a grave. It took me a while to realize that it was a person. I walked closer to the area, careful of the graves. It looked like a guy, about Cahnen’s age, maybe younger. He had short black hair, pale skin and looked incredibly sad. He didn’t see us.  He wore a white jacket, covering a black T and wore jeans. To tell you my exact view, he looked gorgeous, like one of those hott models. I purposely spelt hot with two t’s because it gives me a different meaning between hot-weather and hott-sexy.


“Hey” Cahnen said to the other man.


The male jumped slightly at seeing us but calmed down soon after. His dark bangs covering one kohl auburn coloured eye.


“Sorry we scared you,” I said, as I knew my cousin wouldn’t apologise at all.

“That’s ok,” the guy said in a husky voice. 


I could see that Cahnen was rolling his eyes.


“We’re kind of lost,” I said glaring at Cahnen.

“You’re lost?” the guy asked surprised.

“Yeah. We’re do we go to get into the village?” Cahnen said annoyingly.

“There” the guy said pointing to the right side of him, “Through a gate. It will lead you to the streets.”


“Thanks” Cahnen said pushing me in the direction. Why does he have to be so mean to me in front of him? Actually, I don’t even know his name… DAMN. I would ask, but I can see that’s not going to go well for Cahnen. He’s already annoyed with everything. Well, ok… he’s ALWAYS annoyed with something…


“Wait!” the guy shouted taking a step to us.

“What is it?” Cahnen asked angrily.

“Be careful. There’s something strange there!”

“What you mean?” I asked politely.

“This village… there’s something wrong with it” the guy said worriedly.


I can tell what Cahnen’s thinking about. Something along the lines of- there’s something wrong with you!


“What do you mean?” I asked the dude.

“I’m not sure… there just is! It’s not just the fog and the cold” the guy said confused.

“Whatever” Cahnen said grabbing my arm and pulling me to the direction of the streets.

“There is! Please be careful!” the guy shouted to us.

“Umm… We will” was all I said. I’m starting to think that the hott guy has a few screws loose… only a few.


“What a freak,” Cahnen murmured as we moved to the gate that the ‘freak’ talked about.


I silently agreed with him but not completely, only because I reckon Cahnen’s a freak.


I’m starting to really hate gates! How many are there? Jeez…


Cahnen opened the gate and as the hott guy had said, there were streets in front of us.


So where do we go from here, you ask? I have KNOW idea…


“Where do we go NOW?” I asked Mr-know-it-all.


All he did was glare at me; I’m just going to take that as a sign that he doesn’t know.

I move forward on to a street. It was weird… no cars…no people. Where could everyone be? The fog wasn’t helping my sight much.


Cahnen roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of a shop. For a minute, I thought he was just going to beat me up, but no hits were made. I looked at him; he was looking at this map on the window of the shop. It took me awhile to realise that this must be the map to the streets. Well, Cahnen, where did the letter say to go? I silently thought.


As he was studying the map, I heard this sound. It was a squeaking sort of noise. Like one of those crappy kids toys. I heard it around the corner of the shop. I walked slowly over there. I freaked out at what I saw on the road… a puddle of blood… smeared all the way to the corner where I heard the noise. I backed up a few steps and screamed a when I bumped into something behind me. I turned… it was only STUPID CAHNEN with a smirk on his stupid face! The smirk soon left his face as he saw what was on the road.


I still heard the squeaking as I moved to the corner quickly. It could have been someone. And as I looked, all I saw was a shadow bouncing away. It looked human. Cahnen saw it too. He grabbed my wrist tightly and pulled me to the shadow that we saw moments ago. Carefully avoiding the blood.


As I was being pulled in the direction, I gulped… I hope that’s a person.

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