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By LiBi

Chapter 5

Anthony’s story is so simple. He left home, dealt drugs and maybe kind of killed his parents, or tried to. Nobody is sure.

But to tell you the legend of Skye in detail could take you weeks, months even! Although it’s not really a legend.

To watch such an angel staring wistfully out her cell’s window at that blue sky knowing she is trapped here could break your heart but then her face contorts as if she is wishing evil fortunes upon the human race.
She doesn’t appear to feel pain, or miss anything. She has adapted so well to this life, if you can really call it a life. Being surrounded by murderers would surely drive any perfectly normal, un-scarred for life person absolutely BONKERS! Only if you weren’t already in the first place.

Chapter 6

Skye twisted her blonde hair as she watched Delancy skipping up the hall. It sounded like she was singing baa baa black sheep or twinkle twinkle little star but Skye wasn’t sure, she was never taught that song as a child.

“Delancy  ...” she taunted. It sounded like she was a ghost haunting somebody and Skye thought to herself that she probably looked like that too. She didn’t actually expect Delancy to respond but the little girl had stopped skipping and started towards her. Then without saying a word she sat down and clutched the bars of the door so tight her knuckles were slowly turning white. Then the scariest thing happened. Delancy started to cry. Clear tears ran silently down her pale face and it made Skye feel very strange.

“Skye Skye Skye Skye Skye Skye Skye” Delancy chanted over and over again and Skye noticed that she was rocking backwards and forwards. A shrill scream rang out and Skye caught a glimpse of Nolee pelting towards Delancy, tearing her little fingers off trying to pull her away. Skye was absolutely amazed at the fight little Delancy was putting up, kicking and biting but eventually Nolee stumbled away with her. Skye smiled evilly and waved at Del before she disappeared from view down the long hallway.
“You can’t keep us apart forever!” she called in sing song and laughed maniacally.

*Next Chapter will come soon

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