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Silent Hill: Raye
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By Missy

Chapter 3~

Cahnen kept pulling me towards where the strange shadow had gone. Why should we go there? It MAY be a human. But still- there’s blood on the road, so why would a HUMAN walk away from it, unless they were a murderer. But then, what was with those squeaky noises?


“I don’t want to go to that thing! You don’t know if that’s a Human, Cahnen!” I said pulling my arm away from him.


“We need help, don’t we? And what do you mean if it’s a human? Of course it is,” Cahnen said glaring at me, “don’t be stupid, stupid!”


I glanced at the direction of the shadow, “but that’s stupid!”


Cahnen and I have always used that sayin, if one of us said ‘don’t be stupid, stupid,’ which is normally Cahnen, then I’d say, ‘but that’s stupid!’ why do we say those things? I dunno, it just seemed to be the right thing to say.


“What if it’s a killer? I mean, HELLO, there’s blood on the road. That thing could have caused it!” I said waving my hands about.


“It’s unlikely that it’s a killer, and even if it was a killer, it still might help us, stupid!” Cahnen fired back, “and stop referring them to an it. You’re making me say it now! They are human!”


“Fine! If you want to follow it, fine!” I said turning my back to him, “go ahead! I’m not going.”


“We don’t have time for this! We need to catch up to them before we lose them,” Cahnen said frustratingly.


“Go then! I’m not going there!” I said, back still turned on him, but I glared at him over my shoulder.


Cahnen let out an angry groan, “fine! Stay there. Don’t move!”


I was a little surprised that he actually ran to the direction of the shadow. THAT BASTARD! He was supposed to stay with me or at least pull me with him. I can’t believe he actually left me! I turned my full body over there. My eyes were wide with fear. I felt scared, what if something attacked me? I have nothing to protect me. I CANT BELIEVE THAT BLOODY BASTARD DITCHED ME!! He’s my cousin, for bloody sake! He’s supposed to stick by me!


I’m alone now… nothing to protect myself… and no guardian to guide me, if you call Cahnen a guardian. I can’t believe he went. That’s just rude!


I’m not going there just because he went there. No way! I walked to a shopping window wall. I leaned against it and thought. Should I stay here? Just because he told me to, doesn’t mean I have to do it… but I don’t know where else to go.


I’m alone…


I crouched on the ground and pulled my knees to myself in a ball. I rested my head against my knees. How long would Cahnen be? What if that thing kills him? Or what if he just forgets about me? He did leave me just to see a stupid shadow that probably wasn’t human.


I had a lot of thinking to do, so I just stayed there in my safe little ball.




I swear a half an hour had passed. But that can't be right, could it? Maybe it was just a few minutes… anyway I hadn’t moved from where I was…


Suddenly I heard a noise. Not a squeaking noise, but a growling noise. I widened my eyes. It came from where Cahnen had gone. That can't be him. He only makes that noise in the mornings, if you wake him up really early or normal time.


I kneeled on the ground and looked in that direction. A small shadow was walking here. It walked, sounded and looked like a dog in that shadows.


I didn’t know what to do. I got up and squinted to get a better look. I gasped at what I saw…


It was a dog, but it had a yellow-green tint on its body. It had saliva dribbling from its sharp teethed mouth. Some parts of its body was scabby purple. It was so gross. One of its ears looked to have been ripped apart from its head. Its beady eyes were menacing red, if you could believe that.


All I knew was, that can't be normal.


It was walking right in my direction, glaring at me. I didn’t know what to do. It looked like it was going to attack and I didn’t have anything to protect myself with.


I backed away slowly, but it seemed to walk faster. I did something I knew I could do. Run.


I ran in the opposite direction. Not looking back. I could hear it growling and its sharp-clawed paws tapping against the road as it followed. I didn’t know where I was going. I just ran. 


The dog thing seemed to gain more and more speed as it ran to me. I felt tears leak out of my eyes. Was this how I was going to die? By a dog monster, who I tried to outrun, but it didn’t seemed to work.


I was terrified. I didn’t want to die. And what had happened to Cahnen? What if he was hurt or worse, dead? It was weird but I actually was worried about Cahnen and even for my own safety.


I ran through streets that I couldn’t see. All I concentrated on was my running. If I stopped that freaky dog will get me. It was obvious it wanted to kill me.


I ran still, it was gaining up. I soon ran into a dead end filled with boxes, wood and junk. I quickly grabbed something to defend myself. I grabbed a pipe. It was long and was strong enough. As it came to me, I closed my eyes and swang the pipe as hard as I could, right into its face. Forcing it to smash into the wall. It quickly got up as it fell, and launched at me. I forced the strength out of me to the pipe and swung again. The dog made a whining noise as if its tail had been stepped on. It was twitching on the ground. It was still growling and looked to about to get up. I closed my eyes tight and let out a cry as I struck the pipe into it, hearing the crunches and the scream of the dog. I felt tears forming again as it ran down my face.


I didn’t want to kill the dog, but it was attacking me. Self-defence, right? I kept telling myself that it was self-defence and that the dog was crazed. Blood pulled around its body. It did not twitch. I couldn’t stop myself from crying as I collapsed on the ground. This was the first time I had actually killed something that wasn’t an insect. And a dog at that! I didn’t want to this again. I felt myself shake. I killed it! Me! Not anyone else. It was my fault that I ended that poor dog's life. Even though it was crazed, I still killed it. Hard to believe, but I actually believe the sayin, ‘no one deserves to end the life of another.’ Does a dog count? Does self-defence count?


I collected my thoughts and struggled to get up with the help of the pipe. I pulled the pipe out of the dog with my eyes closed. It made no noise.


I walked slowly away from the carcass and the dead end. Where was I to go now? I couldn’t go back to where Cahnen had gone; more of those dogs might come out. I glanced to my left, a direction I had not gone. I shakily walked in that direction.


Not knowing where I was going, but knowing that I needed to survive in this creepy town. I need to find Cahnen. I need to find someone. I don’t want to be alone here.


 *Next Chapter coming soon

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