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By LiBi

Chapter 3

Dear little Shaina, cute little Billy, pretty young Chelsea GOD THEY WERE SILLY!

They didn’t think. Didn’t see the sign, yes the dagger in their back was mine.

I was laughing as I heard their cry; bet their parents won’t miss them when they die.

Now I didn’t think, because I was wrong, they locked me up and will hang me before too long.

I don’t hate it, this is my home and when I am dead my spirit will roam.

It will get you back when you got me, I’ll get you all YOU’LL SEE!!

Chapter 4

I can’t recall how long it’s been since then. I don’t psychotically count down the days since my parents attempted to kill me. I don’t even remember how old I am as the last birthday I had was the day I was born. I considered cutting myself in half with a chainsaw to see how many rings formed in my flesh over the years but I didn’t go through with it because I thought it might be a little messy. After I was thrown in that river I lost all reasonable thought I had left in my mind and the 5 senses I was created with.

I knew it was cold and wet but all I could think about was revenge. My parents had briefly mentioned moving across the country to get away from me so there wasn’t much chance that I could follow and catch up to them and gouge out their eyeballs, watch them bleed and giggle uncontrollably like my retarded peers did before they choked on their own teeth.

I briefly remember the cold hard metal chains around me and the fact that my arms were pinned behind my back. All I knew was by moving my arms and legs and chewing on various objects that got in my way I could manage to stand up straight with the ice cold water up to my neck in the river without the weight of the chains or the straight jacket. Shuffling a little less gracefully around on the muddy bank making my way back to the highway and then I was off to find something to vent my anger on.

A few people pulled over and tried to get me into their car. I’m sure at the innocent age of 11 they would have liked to rape me. I’m also sure face down on the pavement would be a pleasant feeling for them apart from the broken bones. That might have been painful.

I lost track of time but I knew days and nights passed me by until I found myself standing at the gate of my old school watching my old school acquaintances run around, skipping, laughing and it was at that moment I knew what had to be done. To save man kind some things must be sacrificed. At the time I didn’t realize how small the sacrifice would be.

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