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Silent Hill: Raye
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By Missy (Me)

Chapter 1~

I leaned my head against the window as my cousin drove the red Honda. This sucks Big Time. I’m stuck in this sweaty car with my cold-hearted cousin. Well, I guess his not cold-hearted as that’s physically impossible, BUT he’s mean to me! He thinks he’s so superior to me. Well, ok, maybe he is, but so what! It’s still mean.


My name is Raye Summers. I’m fifteen-turning-sixteen in a few months. Yay, Maturity! Anyway… I have very rare and peculiar eyes; my right eye is green, while my other is blue.  My hair is also strange as it is waist-length red hair with zebra-pattern blonde streaks- It’s not all natural, of course. I added the blonde in a year ago because I wanted to look different to the rest besides the fact that I have different eye colours in each.


 I can be a little ray of sunshine when I want to be, but it hasn’t been that often and for that you can thank my very own cousin, Cahnen.


He is an absolute bastard to say the least. I’ve had to live with him for the past 3 years, because my parents had died that year. I heard it was by a car crash, but I could be wrong. I was too busy breaking down to get the details.


Cahnen Philips is eighteen. He has golden-brown eyes and he has short spiky blue/silver hair. He has bulked up muscles and is a master at Kendo. He keeps on showing off to everyone and they’re ALWAYS impressed. Doesn’t anyone care that I might know a little of Tae Kwon Do.  Ok, maybe just a little, but it’s enough to know how to take care of myself!


I’ve been really bored. I stared outside and all I could see was: tree… grass… car… tree… car… tree... grass and so on; I swear I’m going to crack. I would have listened to the radio, but ‘Cahnen wouldn’t like that.’ Stupid Cahnen!! I’d listen to my Discman, but I ran out of battery. What luck. This is obviously torture from the gods or something. What did I ever do to them? Ok, maybe I steal a few things, but I was a little kid. And ok, maybe I swear… a lot, BUT that shouldn’t matter! It’s stupid Cahnen’s fault for being such a dumbass in the first place! 


I start playing with the hem of my black skirt. So very bored. We’ve been travelling for a few miles. Where are we going you say? Well, we’re apparently going to a village far away from all the exciting distractions in the city. That’s all Cahnen’s fault, of course! I had no say in it what so ever. Where ever HE goes I have to go. How lame and stupid is that?


Cahnen had received a letter a few days ago. He wouldn’t tell me what it said or anything. Selfish bastard. He just said that we are going to visit this place for a while. He wouldn’t even tell me what it was called! I’d say it’s a different way of him telling me that he knows everything. Which, I don’t believe for one bit. If he’d known everything, he would know that I despise him! Well, I’m not sure if I completely hate him, y’know because he’s my ‘family.’ But he does get on my nerves.


I played with my bag for a while, and then next thing I know, I was asleep. Well, I deserve it! Using my brain and all.


It was a long while when I awake. My reason for waking up? Someone was shaking me and yelling my name continuously. I knew I had to wake up in a nightmare. It was Cahnen, outside the car next to me at my door.


“Wake up, stupid!” came that voice I hate so much.


“I’m up! What is it?” I asked annoyingly.


“We’re here. Now hurry up!” Cahnen said as he grabbed his bag off the ground and stomped off in his brown boots.


I hopped out of the car angrily. I had a good dream too! It was about Cahnen being nowhere near me. It was beautiful. And he just had to ruin it!


I adjusted my skirt and yellow tank top. I grabbed my black and white striped bag and put on a white visa cap, as it was very sunny and hot. My once-beautiful black knee-high boots were covered with dirt. Well, that’s just great! That was a new pair too! 


I looked at where Cahnen was. He was staring at the letter that I wasn’t aloud to see. He looked sceptical, first time I’ve seen him that way. He wore a red shirt and baggy black shorts. The one thing that looked cool, was the piercing he had on his left eyebrow. The only piercing I had was my ears. I’m wearing my favourite gold hoops. I like shiny things, so sue me. I have this really simple, but cool black loose leather string around my neck tied in a bow. I guess, you could say it’s a choker as well as a necklace. Either way, it looks cool. Don’t make fun of my fashion style! Make fun of Cahnen’s!


I placed my bag on my back and stood near Cahnen. I looked at the place that I was forced to go to. A sign was at the top of the gate at the entrance. It looked old but still is able to see. It read: Silent Hill...


I had the feeling that this place was going to permanently change my life… forever.


Next Chapter~ 

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